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Each of the 3 years of the residency is divided into 5 rotations, each lasting approximately 10 weeks. After completing the course entitled “Introduction to Ophthalmology, incoming first-year residents are ready to start their rotations.

General Eye Clinic Retina Cornea/Refractive Surgery
Subspecialty Clinics Neuro-ophthalmology Glaucoma/Oculoplastics
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Pediatrics University Hospital General Eye Clinic
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Veterans Affairs Medical Center Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Jersey City Medical Center Jersey City Medical Center Jersey City Medical Center


First-year residents begin their training with a concentrated 2-week course in July entitled “Introduction to Ophthalmology.” This course acquaints residents with ophthalmic terminology, instrumentation, and examination techniques and is designed to facilitate the transition from general medicine and/or surgery to ophthalmology. Through a series of lectures and practical sessions in the clinic (eg, tutoring in refraction, use of the indirect ophthalmoscope), residents learn to recognize and manage a variety of ophthalmic problems, such as conjunctivitis, orbital cellulitis, and ruptured globes. By the end of the course, residents are able to conduct eye examinations, describe their physical findings, and present the salient features of the history and physical examination.

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